Sunday, March 14, 2010


Funny where life brings you sometimes. Never having thought (in a million years) I would be in the company of a 3 year old for most of my day, at this stage of my life, well, here I am. Even as I try to write this blog, my daughter, Ava, is bouncing a little rubber ball off the walls as she bounces off the walls herself. Man, really? She is my biggest fan though, and such a momma's girl, and now that she is here, I would never want to be without her. There are so many things that have happened in my life because of having her, and so many amazing people I have met. I wouldn't have found myself in the company of these wonderful people, had I not had another baby. And although, I feel at the older end of the spectrum, some things are ageless.

Finding Kettlebells through mom references and talk, I have had the fortune of finding an awesome instructor, friend and now partner, Lauren Brooks, in our new BuggyBellz classes. They incorporate moms swinging bells with their children by their sides. I've been teaching these classes for almost 2 months and the response has been awesome! These mom's have already started to see results in strength and endurance, which is motivating and inspiring. It works for mom's that want to workout hard, but don't have to leave their children in the gym daycare. It works for me too, because "my assistant" gets to come along and support me while I teach. I also get to hang out with my daughter Katie, and my 1 year old grandson, Cole. Motherhood with 5 daughters, at all different ages, can be overwhelming at times, but my girls are all awsome, and so is my little Cole! I am a lucky lady!!


  1. Della I think you are amazing and such a lucky lady. I think it's safe to say that you are the only kettlebell instructor that gets to be in the same class as your 2 daughters and grandson! You are seriously inspiring for anyone especially me!!! I couldn't have asked for a better partner with this.

  2. Thats sweet, and rusie is your little side kick, cute one at that :)